PayPal One Touch™ makes buying experiences for mobile and the web faster and easier. It lets your customers seamlessly pay with PayPal through your mobile app or website without having to re-enter their login and payment information.

How it works

Once a customer chooses to pay with PayPal on your app or website, One Touch™ initiates an app or browser switch and prompts the customer to log into their PayPal account (if they're not logged in already). From there, they can authorize this payment along with any future payments, allowing them to skip this step and pay with just one tap on their next purchase.


One Touch™ is available to merchants in all countries that we support and to customers in 140+ countries.


One Touch™ is a standard feature of Braintree's PayPal integration. To implement it, you'll just need to enable PayPal in your Braintree Control Panel and follow the PayPal integration guide in our developer docs.

Still have questions?

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