We can't recommend this enough: test early and test often. It's a great way to identify potential issues with your integration, and it also gives you ample opportunities to get familiar with Braintree.

The Braintree sandbox

The sandbox is a test environment that is almost identical to our production environment. Within your sandbox, you can create users and roles, run test transactions, and explore the full functionality of the Braintree gateway by using our sandbox testing values.

Get started by signing up for a Braintree sandbox account!

Sandbox vs. production

There are a few key differences that you'll want to keep in mind:

Sandbox Production
Login URLs https://sandbox.braintreegateway.com/login https://www.braintreegateway.com/login
Payment methods accepted Test credit cards/payment methods Real credit cards/payment methods
Processor responses Triggered by specific test values Returned by processing banks
Hardware resources No dedicated hardware resources; cannot withstand high transaction volumes Dedicated hardware resources; can withstand high transaction volumes
Purge and delete capabilities Can purge transactions, Vault records, payment methods, addresses, subscriptions, and sub-merchants Must manually delete Vault records, payment methods, addresses, and subscriptions; must manually suspend sub-merchants; cannot delete transactions
Webhooks Triggered by specific test values Triggered by actual events in the gateway
Processing options and settings Standard processing options are displayed Processing options may be limited based on account setup
Location Determined by the country selection made at the time of sign-up* Determined by the country in which your business is registered

*Your sandbox business location will default to the country in which you access the Braintree homepage, unless you manually change the country selection. Sandbox processing options, currencies, and features can vary by country.

It’s important to note that your sandbox account is not linked to your production account in any way. Nothing created in the sandbox will transfer to production. This includes processing options and recurring billing settings. Your login information, merchant ID, and API keys will also be different.

Testing currencies

When you set up your sandbox for the first time, your account will default to processing in one currency – usually the major currency in your country. The default currency for sandbox accounts domiciled in Europe is EUR.

If you’d like to try out other currencies, you can do so by creating new merchant accounts in the sandbox.

Switching from sandbox to production

Once you're ready to start accepting real payments, see our developer docs for details on going live.

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