A subscription allows you to charge your customers automatically in monthly increments for a service or product. The sections below will help you manage your subscriptions.

Creating a subscription


Before you can create a subscription, you need to create a plan in the Control Panel.

To create a subscription:

  1. Log into the Control Panel
  2. Create a new customer, or search for an existing customer in the Vault and click on the Customer ID.
  3. On the Customer Details page, click New Subscription next to the desired payment method token
  4. Fill out the relative information and override plan details as needed (including the billing date, the number of billing cycles, add-ons/discounts, and trial periods)
  5. Click Create

If you are including a trial period with a subscription, read the trial period risks and requirements first.

There is no limit on the number of subscriptions that can be associated with a payment method. Additionally, duplicate subscriptions are not subject to duplicate transaction checking rules, so it is possible to unintentionally overbill customers.

Updating a subscription


Merchants operating in the European Union must give customers 7 business days’ notice before changing the price of their recurring billing plan; 7 business days’ notice is also required before billing customers if it has been 6+ months since their last payment. If you don’t operate in the EU, these notices aren't required (but they're still good practice).

The status of a subscription affects which details you can change. If you are unable to update a particular detail based on the subscription’s status, it’s best to cancel the subscription and create a new one from a plan that meets the requirements.

Pending and Active

For Pending and Active subscriptions, you can update these fields:

  • Subscription ID
  • Price
  • Plan (only if it has the same billing cycle)
  • Payment method
  • Add-on and discount details
  • Merchant account
  • Descriptor

Past Due

For Past Due subscriptions, you can update these fields:

  • Subscription ID
  • Payment method
  • Merchant account
  • Descriptor

Expired and Canceled

You cannot update Expired or Canceled subscriptions. You’ll need to create a new subscription instead.

Subscription payment method

Simply adding a new payment method to a customer’s Vault record will not automatically update any of their subscriptions. In order to change which payment method actually funds a subscription, you must update the contents of that subscription's payment method token within the Control Panel:

  1. Log into the Control Panel
  2. Search for the customer in the Vault
  3. Click on the Customer ID
  4. Under Subscriptions, click on the Subscription ID
  5. On the Subscription Details page, click on the Payment Method Token
  6. Click Edit
  7. Update the required information
  8. Click Save

If you prefer to make updates via the API, you can either update the payment method token or select a different payment method from the customer's Vault record. Learn more about updating subscriptions via the API.

When you update a payment method that is associated with a subscription, the new card will be charged for the subscription on the next billing date.

Subscription price

When you update a plan's price, only future subscriptions will reflect the change; the price of existing subscriptions associated with the plan will not change automatically. The only way to update the price of a subscription is to edit that subscription directly.

The easiest way to do this is via the API, particularly if you have a large number of subscriptions to update. Alternatively, you can make these changes one-by-one in the Control Panel by doing the following:

  1. Log in to the Control Panel
  2. Navigate to Search > Subscriptions
  3. Use the Advanced Subscription Search to find the subscriptions you want to update
  4. Click Edit next to the first subscription
  5. Navigate to Subscription Details > Price and enter the new price
  6. Click Save
  7. Repeat the steps above for all of the remaining subscriptions

Retrying a Past Due subscription


Merchants operating in the European Union must give 7 business days’ notice before billing customers if it has been 6+ months since their last payment.

There are also rules around retrying declined recurring transactions.

You can retry a past due subscription by following these steps:

  1. Log into the Control Panel
  2. Search for the past due subscription
  3. Click Retry Charge next to the desired subscription
  4. This will take you to a Create a New Transaction page; if desired, adjust the price of the subscription
  5. Click Create

Canceling an Active subscription

You can cancel an active subscription by following these steps:

  1. Log into the Control Panel
  2. Search for the subscription
  3. Click on the Subscription ID
  4. Click Cancel

Canceling a subscription will not delete it from your Control Panel. This is by design so that historical subscription data will always be available.

Searching for subscriptions

​You can run a search for all of your subscriptions by clicking Subscriptions under Advanced Search in the Control Panel. You can download the results as a CSV file by clicking the Download Subscriptions button. If you want to download a report of your add-ons and discounts, you can download those as a separate CSV.

The subscription cancellation date is not included in search results. If you are interested in this value, you can enable the Subscription Canceled webhook and store the data in a local database.

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