If you want to send email receipts to your customers for every successful sale transaction or refund, see Email Receipts instead.

We can send email notifications to your customers for the following recurring billing events:

  • First Decline: Sent after the first unsuccessful attempt to charge a customer on a recurring billing cycle
  • First Retry: Sent after an automatic attempt to charge a customer if the initial transaction was unsuccessful
  • Second Retry: Sent after the next attempt to charge a customer if the first retry was unsuccessful
  • Past Due: Sent x days after the first decline. You can define x when you configure the Send options for your notifications.

We will only send email notifications to your customers for events that leave a subscription in the Past Due state. For example, if your account's retry logic is set to cancel subscriptions after the second retry, your customer will only receive a First Decline and a First Retry email notification - we will not send a Second Retry email or any automatic notification when the subscription has been canceled.

Configuring email notifications

Before you can configure your notification options, you must:

  1. Configure your SPF records to give us permission to send notifications on your behalf
  2. Have the authorized signer on your account send an email to our Support team, requesting that this feature be activated

After you’ve received confirmation from our Support team, you must configure email notifications in the Control Panel:

  1. Log into the Control Panel
  2. Under Recurring Billing, click Email Notifications
  3. Click New
  4. Select the recurring billing plan and configure settings
  5. Click Create

Configuration options

On the New Recurring Email Notification page, you can personalize your notification emails by configuring the following fields:

  • Sender Email Address: The address customers will see in the From: field of your outbound notifications

    If you want to include a Sender Name in this field, use this format: First Last <>

  • Subject: The text that customers will see in the subject line of your outbound notifications
  • Body: The text that will appear in the body of the email; must be written as plain text
  • Send options: The recurring billing events that will trigger emails to your customers

Authorized signer

The authorized signer for your Braintree account is the only person who can request access or make changes to sensitive account information, such as transaction details, bank account information, or statement descriptors. This individual and their associated authorized email address were determined during the application process.

Authorized signers are not the same as the Account Admin user role in the Control Panel, and can't be managed via the Control Panel; to change your authorized signer or add additional signers, contact our Support team.

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