Paying with Venmo is currently available in a limited release to select merchants. See limited release eligibility below for details.

Paying with Venmo allows customers on iOS and Android devices to make purchases using their Venmo account. Customers can connect their Venmo wallet to your mobile app, and then seamlessly pay for all future transactions via Venmo without having to leave your app.

Paying with Venmo also gives customers the flexibility to fund transactions using their Venmo balance or any of their saved payment methods, while you enjoy your same low processing rate for all those transactions.

Limited release eligibility

The current release of Venmo's payment product for merchants is only available for certain business models. Use cases that are not yet supported include:

  • Selling goods or services in person
  • Selling only over the web/mobile web
  • Selling only within the Venmo app
  • Facilitating peer-to-peer transactions between two Venmo users
  • Non-profit donations

We'd love to hear from you if none of the above apply, and you meet all of the following criteria:

  • You process (or plan to process) transactions using a US business entity
  • You sell goods or services in your own native iOS or Android app
  • You use (or plan to use) our iOS v4 SDK or Android v2 SDK

If you're eligible to participate in the limited release, please see setup for details on how to request access.

If your use case is not yet supported, please check back for updates on a wider release!

Customer compatibility

Venmo payments are supported on Venmo app versions 6.16.0 or later for iOS, and 6.20.0 or later for Android. To check a Venmo app version:

  1. Log into the Venmo app
  2. Open the menu in the upper left-hand corner
  3. Click Settings

The version number will be displayed at the bottom of the Settings page.


Venmo transactions process and settle just like Discover credit card transactions, but they can be easily identified by their own unique payment type logo in the Control Panel.


Venmo transaction fee rates are the same as your Discover transaction fee rates. These rates vary depending on your pricing model, and can be found on your pricing agreement. For questions on pricing, contact our Accounts team.


Venmo payment methods can be used for vaulting.


Before you can begin your Venmo integration, you’ll need to contact us to determine if you’re a good fit for the limited release.

If you meet the limited release eligibility guidelines, send an email with the following details to pay-with-venmo@braintreepayments.com:

  1. Your Braintree sandbox merchant ID
  2. Your Braintree production merchant ID
  3. Your business details as they will appear in the Venmo app:
    • A display name for your app (120 character limit)
    • An image, preferably your app icon (1024x1024 PNG)
  4. Your business details that may appear on Venmo transaction descriptors on customers' bank statements:
    • Your customer support email address
    • Your customer support phone number
    • Your customer support site URL

Once we receive your request, we’ll review your information and reply to you within a few business days.

Still have questions?

If you can’t find an answer, contact our Support team.

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