With Braintree you can seamlessly accept credit cards and PayPal with one integration, all while allowing your customers to stay on your website's checkout page. Customers will click a PayPal button—designed exclusively for Braintree merchants—and they’ll be prompted to enter their PayPal credentials in a new window or lightbox.

Processing fees

Braintree does not charge any processing fees for PayPal transactions.

However, you will be subject to the pricing and fee rates that were established by PayPal for your PayPal merchant account. If you're unsure of your pricing and fee rates for PayPal transactions, you'll want to check with PayPal directly.


Merchant accounts

In order to accept PayPal, you must use Braintree Direct. If you are only using the Braintree gateway, your account is not eligible to accept PayPal. Contact our Accounts team for more information.

Countries, currencies, and SDKs

Supported countries for merchants depends on which SDK you use. The latest versions of our client SDKs support PayPal for merchants in all countries where Braintree is available. Learn more in our developer docs.

Customers can be located in any country, but they will always be charged in the currency associated with the merchant account you specify when creating the transaction. If you don't specify a merchant account, we'll use your default merchant account. See PayPal Server-Side Implementation for details.

Service fees

PayPal is not currently compatible with service fees. This means that if you are using Braintree Marketplace, PayPal transactions cannot be accepted at this time. You are able to use our Partners API as long as you don’t use service fees.

Still have questions?

If you can’t find an answer, contact our Support team.

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