PayPal Credit is an instant, reusable credit line your customers can use at checkout. Giving your customers access to special financing offers makes it possible for them to buy big ticket items on your site or mobile app.


Customers interested in purchasing from our merchants using PayPal Credit are subject to credit approval.

How it works

PayPal Credit can be enabled with a few minor changes to your existing PayPal setup. Once enabled, your customers simply select the PayPal Credit option at checkout, enter a few simple pieces of information, accept the terms, and receive a decision in seconds.

While your customers can pay over time, you get paid 100% up front. There’s no additional cost – you just pay your normal PayPal transaction fee.

Learn more about how PayPal Credit works for customers in the US and UK.

Additional financing options

If you'd like to have more control and flexibility over the financing options you offer your customers, PayPal also offers Easy Payments in the US, and Instalments in the UK. Both allow you to customize your PayPal Credit financing offers to better suit your customer base.


If you’re interested in adding Easy Payments or Instalments to your PayPal Credit offerings, contact us first to discuss pricing and qualifications.


PayPal Credit is available to merchants selling in the United States and the United Kingdom. If you're selling to US customers, USD is the only currency supported. If you're selling to UK customers, GBP is the only currency supported.


If you're selling to UK customers, you will need to obtain authorization from the Financial Conduct Authority. Check with your Sales or Account manager prior to offering PayPal Credit to your UK customers.


You can add PayPal Credit to an existing PayPal Vault flow or Checkout flow integration with just a few lines of code. See our developer docs for details.


If you accept PayPal Credit on the web, PayPal offers free, ready-made banners you can put on your site to let customers know they can finance their purchases with PayPal Credit.

You can learn more about the effectiveness of these banners on the web and get the code from PayPal's self-service portal. The portal also includes guides for choosing banners and recommendations on where to place them.

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