Local Payment Methods allow customers to pay with banks, wallets, or other means that operate only in specific regions of the world. For example, your customer in the Netherlands might want to pay using iDEAL, which is used by more than 60% of consumers in the Netherlands for online purchases, whereas customers in Belgium on the same website might want to pay using Bancontact, a popular payment method there.


Local Payment Methods are available to eligible merchants in all countries that Braintree supports. In order to offer Local Payment Methods you must first add PayPal to your Braintree integration. Transactions will be automatically presented to customers in Euros and the funds will settle into your PayPal business account in your primary currency. Any applicable currency conversion will be added to the customer’s payment amount.

Customer Availability

Local Payment Methods are only available to customers in Europe. The Custom UI integration gives you full control over which payment methods you display on your checkout page based on the country your customers are located in. You can also allow PayPal to automatically display the most relevant Local Payment Methods to your customers based on their location through our Smart Payment Button integration, which is currently in limited release. Contact us for more details.


The only setup required for Local Payment Methods is to ensure you have created, verified, and linked a valid PayPal business account in the Braintree Control Panel. You can then complete your client and server integrations. See our developer docs for full instructions.



Braintree does not charge additional processing fees for Local Payment Methods; you are only subject to the pricing and fee rates established by PayPal as per your user agreement. If you are unsure of these rates, you will need to check with PayPal directly.


Funds for Local Payment Methods will be settled into your PayPal account once your customer confirms a payment.


Disputes are currently not supported for Local Payment Methods. Customers will need to work directly with their bank to handle disputes.

Recurring transactions and vaulting support

Vaulting payment methods and creating recurring transactions are currently not supported with Local Payment Methods.