Kount Standard implements our Advanced Fraud Tools while utilizing predetermined rules.

We’ve worked with Kount to determine which data points are analyzed in order to build accurate fraud scores. The specific data points and rules that we have selected can't be changed, and we keep this information hidden so that fraudsters can't figure out how to work around the system.

Risk decisions

When you create a new transaction, we’ll send the information to Kount. They’ll analyze the transaction information using the predetermined rules, and – based on the results – the Braintree gateway will either accept or reject each request.

Kount risk decision Braintree action
Approved Always sends to the processor
Declined Always gateway rejected
Not Evaluated Sends to the processor by default

You can check a transaction's Kount risk decision on the Transaction Details page:

  1. Log into the Control Panel
  2. Search for the given transaction
  3. Click on the Transaction ID

You'll find the Kount Decision field under the Fraud Tools Information section.

Not Evaluated transactions

A transaction will receive a Not Evaluated risk decision when:

  • Kount takes too long to deliver a risk decision and the transaction times out
  • An error occurs during the evaluation process

You can choose to gateway reject all transactions that are Not Evaluated due to a timeout. Contact us to configure this setting.

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