If you're a new merchant looking for a marketplace solution, contact our Sales team.

In general, a marketplace structure allows customers to purchase goods and services from multiple providers under the umbrella of a marketplace owner. The owner facilitates the marketplace and often charges the providers a service fee.

Braintree Marketplace allows you to split transactions and pay your providers through Braintree's gateway. You can designate a service fee with each transaction and we will disburse the appropriate funds to you and your sub-merchant. Onboarding a new sub-merchant is as easy as collecting basic contact information – we’ll take care of verifying their identity.



New merchants not already integrated with Braintree Marketplace should contact our Sales team to get started.

Braintree Marketplace is only available for business models in which the master merchant and sub-merchants are all domiciled in the US. It is not compatible with PayPal, Braintree's recurring billing, or most third-party shopping carts. Before you can get started, all merchant accounts need to be specially approved by us for use with Braintree Marketplace.


  • Master merchant: The Braintree Marketplace owner
  • Sub-merchant: The individual providers or sellers within that Braintree Marketplace
  • Service fee: The portion of your sub-merchant's transaction revenue that is routed to your account
  • Escrow: An option that allows you to hold funds through our banking partner until you decide to disburse them; at disbursement, you will receive the designated service fee and your sub-merchant will receive their portion of the payment
  • Webhooks: Notifications sent to your server that indicate whether a merchant was successfully onboarded and whether there was a problem disbursing funds to your sub-merchant’s bank account