Outside of standard processor declines and gateway rejections, additional unexpected issues can occasionally prevent transactions from processing smoothly. Known as transaction issues, these rare occurrences are generally a result of something more complex than a normal declined or rejected transaction. While the outcome and reason for transaction issues can vary, our team of specialists will email you with the details you need to confidently address them when they arise. We've got you covered and will walk you through the best approach for moving forward.


By default, your first admin user created in the gateway will receive transaction issue notifications, but this can be adjusted in the Control Panel. To edit your notifications:

  1. Log into the Control Panel
  2. Navigate to Settings > Processing
  3. Scroll down to Transaction Issue Notifications and click Options

You have two options for designating who will receive transaction issue notification – adding a User Recipient or an Email Recipient.

User Recipients: This field allows you to send notifications to existing users in the Control Panel. These recipients will receive notifications for the transactions their role has access to.

Email Recipients: This field allows you to send notifications to any email address, regardless of whether the email is associated with a user in the Control Panel. This can be particularly helpful if you use internal distribution lists to monitor transaction issues (e.g. transaction_issues@yourcompany.com). Emails entered in this field will receive all transaction issue notifications, even if the address corresponds to a Control Panel user with limited permissions.


In rare instances, unexpected issues can prevent a transaction from settling altogether. If this occurs, we will reach out to any email addresses or Control Panel users configured to receive transaction issue notifications, and update the affected transaction's status to Voided. We will never make any updates to your transactions without contacting you with more information.