There are two main ways to conduct a search in the Control Panel: with the basic search bar or with a menu of Advanced Search options.

Basic search bar

The basic search bar provides a quick way for you to search with a limited set of parameters:

  • Customer
    • Customer first name
    • Customer last name
    • Customer email address (not PayPal Account Payer Email; see note below)
  • Payment method
    • Token
    • Credit card
      • You can search for the last 4 digits or the first 6 digits of the card. You can also add a space between the first 6 digits and last 4 digits to search for a card using both values (e.g. 123456 4321)
    • Cardholder name
  • Transaction
    • Full transaction ID
    • Order ID (if applicable)
  • Custom field value
    • The custom field names defined in your gateway are not searchable

There is a small delay in the generation of results when using our basic search. Additionally, searching by a PayPal Account Payer Email in basic search will not yield any results. If you’re looking for a comprehensive list, need to look up a transaction by PayPal email, or want to search with different parameters, we recommend using an Advanced Search option.

Advanced Search options


The Advanced Transaction Search is a quick way to find your transaction history for a specific date range, transaction type, transaction status, payment method type, gateway user, PayPal account email, and more. Because of its flexibility, many merchants use this search for reporting purposes. Keep in mind that if you’re searching for transactions created by a specific user, subscriptions will not be included in the results.


The Advanced Verification Search is the only way to locate card verifications via the Control Panel. Each verification search is limited to 40,000 records; if your results exceed this limit, you'll be prompted to narrow your search criteria. You can narrow down a verification search by merchant account, card type, transaction status, customer ID, and more. Learn more about enabling and using card verifications.


If you’re looking for a general snapshot of your Vault activity, the Advanced Vault Search is a good place to start. You can also locate specific customer records to view each one’s activity. However, if you want to download or view details for all of the activity associated with a particular customer, then the Advanced Transaction Search is more likely to give you what you need.

Subscription Search

The Advanced Subscription Search gives you a good overview of your subscription activity, and can be filtered by attributes like plan or subscription status. You can see the history of an individual subscription by clicking on the Subscription ID in your search results.

Viewing results

If you want to view the details of multiple variables at once, you can click the Download button on the search results page. This will provide you with a CSV file that contains a list of values based on your search criteria.

It is important to note that you can only download a limited number of records for each search you conduct in the Control Panel. This limit is 80,000 records per transaction search and 40,000 records for each subscription, Vault, or verification search. If your results exceed these limits, you'll need to narrow down your search criteria.

In most cases, after you download a report, a Downloads section will appear under the Advanced Search menu. Your download history will be available in this section for at least 24 hours.

If you download an Advanced Transaction Search, you may see columns (e.g. Disbursement Date) that do not apply to your account. Contact our Support team if you have any questions.

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