Transactions that have been submitted for settlement are sent to processors in groups known as settlement batches. The Settlement Batch Summary displays the total sales and credits for each batch. You can limit the scope of your Settlement Batch Summary by setting a date range, selecting specific merchant accounts, and excluding certain payment types.

Running a Settlement Batch Summary

Only users with the Create, Run, and Download Reports role permission can access settlement batch summaries. To pull a settlement batch summary:

  1. Log into the Control Panel
  2. Under Transactions, click Settlement Batch Summary
  3. If necessary, specify a merchant account
  4. Choose a custom date range or use the shortcut buttons
  5. If desired, check the box next to Exclude American Express? or Exclude PayPal?
  6. Click Run Settlement Batch Summary

You can click on the link for each settlement batch to view its individual transactions. To see a breakdown of totals by payment method, click the Download button to export your results as a CSV (maximum 40,000 rows).


Settlement Batch Summaries are not available for marketplace sub-merchant accounts.

Excluding PayPal or American Express transactions

If you are set up to accept PayPal transactions, you can better reconcile Settlement Batch Summaries with your Braintree disbursements by excluding PayPal from this report. Similarly, if you use your own Amex account, it may be helpful to exclude Amex transactions, because Amex funds won’t be included in Braintree deposits.

Settlement batch cutoff times

The cutoff time that determines which transactions are included in each settlement batch depends on your account setup and can’t be changed. Contact us if you have any questions about your specific setup.

Emailing Settlement Batch Summaries

Each user in your Control Panel can opt to receive daily Settlement Batch Summary emails to keep up with transaction activity. To enable this feature:

  1. Log into the Control Panel
  2. Navigate to Account > My User
  3. Check the box next to Email Daily Settlement Batch Summary
  4. To include a breakdown of transactions by card type, check the box next to Include payment type details
  5. Click Save​​

If your user has the Manage Users role permission, you can enable this for others by navigating to Settings > Users and Roles > Edit.

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