Depending on your account setup and your business’s location, we may be able to provide a 1099-K for tax purposes. If possible, we’ll make it available online in the Control Panel, but you can also request a paper copy by contacting our Accounts team.

Viewing your 1099-K in the Control Panel

To see your 1099-K in the Control Panel, your user's role must include permission to view statements. The Account Admin role includes this permission by default. If you are unsure whether you have the appropriate statement permissions, contact your account administrator. Then:

  1. Log into the Control Panel
  2. Navigate to Documents > Tax Statements
  3. Click on IRS 1099-K - YYYY to download the PDF

The previous year's statement is generated at the end of January and will be available until at least October 15.


If your 1099-K isn’t available in the Control Panel but you still processed transactions during the previous tax year, we will send your 1099-K to you via email or snail mail.

Reconciling 1099-K totals

We calculate monthly and yearly totals using the gross sales volume; we do not include credits, refunds, or chargebacks. You can reconcile these totals using your monthly statements, which are available in the Control Panel and can be found by navigating to Documents > Merchant Statements.

On the first page of your statement, in the Fee Details table, the Quantity in the Discount row shows your gross sales volume. This should match the monthly totals on your 1099-K.

Contact our Accounts team if any of the information is incorrect so we can generate a corrected 1099-K form.

PayPal transactions

PayPal transactions are not included in the 1099-K that Braintree provides. If you process PayPal transactions with your Braintree account, you will receive a separate 1099-K from PayPal for those transactions. For information on where to find your PayPal 1099-K, visit the PayPal Help Center.

American Express transactions

If you process American Express using Braintree's aggregated Amex, the monthly totals on your 1099-K will include all Amex transactions. If you have your own account directly with Amex, you will receive a separate 1099-K from Amex for these transactions.

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